About Club D'Elite Spa

Highlighting our passion for wellness and community.

About Us

Nestled in the heart of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Club D’Elite Spa stands out as a unique sanctuary. Established in the early 2000s, this licensed spa offers an array of therapeutic treatments, creating a haven for soaking, sweating, massages, and relaxation. With over 1100 sq. ft. of space, the recently renovated facilities include whirlpools, saunas, and steam rooms, each designed to be a sanctuary for relaxation.

Our spa, favored by elite professionals, specializes in traditional Hong Kong style massages delivered by skilled Massage Therapists. Committed to exceptional service, we ensure a first-class spa journey in a calming environment.

In addition to mixed-gender facilities, our females-only section offers its own sauna and steam room. Our private treatment rooms provide a tranquil space for customized face, body, and massage treatments. At Club D’Elite Spa, we invite you to unwind and let us take care of your well-being in this serene retreat.